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The story of young Sayem becoming a writer






Sayem was very fond of chatting, traveling and sports. Although he didn’t have the opportunity to go outside as a child, he always wanted to spend time outside. His relationship to sports was sweet, the day he didn’t get a chance to play sports, he was very upset. He found a different joy in rural sports. His education started from Kaliganj Pratibha Kinder Garden. After completing higher secondary from Cantonment Public School and College, Dinajpur, he’s currently preparing for admission in Hons.

Young writer Abu Sayem Prodhan in the picture.

Now let’s come to the story of his becoming a writer.
He had the desire to become a writer long ago. So he first brought out a book at the 2021 Ekushey Book Fair. The first book was released only for publicity purposes. He wants to show some positive things to the young generation through his books. His journey to become a writer was not very difficult as he always had the support of his family.

Why did you want to be a writer despite having other professions? In response to such a question, he said, “The reason why I want to write is to show something positive to people and to make people aware through my writing. There is no alternative to reading books, there will be many more book lovers in Bangladesh in the future.”

Photo: Abu Sayem Prodhan

So far he has written three books. The single book is ‘Kathphata Rood’. The joint books are ‘Boikaler Kobita’ and ‘Sei Diner Kotha’. Surprisingly, two jointly written books have made it to the Kalkatta Book Fair. His books were simple poems, but the young writer Sayem said that novels will be presented at the next book fair.

Sayem addresses his readers, I’ve several readers who really love me, they are my regular readers. They ask me when the new book will come out. Now I’m writing a new book, it will take some time to write. Because I have to look at the quality of the book. I’ve to think about what kind of thinking my books will lead future generations. If all goes well, I will have a beautiful book at the next book fair. However, the attention of the young generation should be increased on reading books. Let the world be of books, we will all drown together in the paradise of that book.

Young writer Abu Sayem Prodhan in the picture.

Do you want to see yourself in any profession in the future without the writer? Responding to such questions, Sayem said, “I always wanted a career where I could be stress free. I want to be a barrister, and also an entrepreneur. I also want to make cartoons, do various funny videos and make awareness videos. I think whoever People don’t want to do anything good, so I love to dream a lot.


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