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Team Bangladesh won two bronze medals and three honorable mentions in International Physics Olympiad






Recently a five-member team from Bangladesh bagged two bronze medals and three honorable mentions after proving their excellence at the 52nd International Physics Olympiad (IPhO). This year, the Olympiad was held virtually due to the war in Ukraine-Russia. 369 students from around 84 countries participated in this year’s Physics Olympiad.

The two bronze medal winners are Golam Ishtiak from Kushtia Government College and Fahim Abrar from Rajshahi Government Degree College. On the other hand, the honorable mentions were received by Abdul Fattah of Khulna Zila School, Moshqat Alam and Kibria Tarafdar of the capital’s Notre Dame College. Arshad Momen, a professor of physical science at North South University was the mentor for Team Bangladesh at the Olympiad.

After going through multiple section rounds and beating the highly competitive participants the team finally reached the International level.

The International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) is a yearly international level competition for high school students from all over the world. Here each participant national team is composed of five students and each team member competes individually. The first International Physics Olympiad was held in Warsaw of Poland in 1967.

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