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Skill Development Instructor Recruitment






Seed to BIG is one of the prominent Extra Curriculum Skill Development Startup.
They provide series video tutorials on different skill development topics, Online Magazine to express the hidden talents of students, skill development contest to bring out the hidden talents with a competitive environment, blog and personal mentoring for free to everyone through their website.

Now they are heading to provide more services to more audiences.

Join with them and develop yourself as well as contribute to Seed to BIG.

The art of instructing is the art of assisting discovery. They are looking for dedicated, punctual Instructors for-

  • Graphic Design
  • Painting (Acrylic, Pastel, Water Colour)
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Web Development
  • Robotics
  • Science Olympiad
  • Science Projects

Read out the details carefully

Basic Information:

  1. It’ll be a 6 months period Membership under Seed to BIG and subsidiaries. In this time period you’ll work under the Head of Content.
  2. After 6 months, if your supervisors feel you’re capable of continuing with them, you will be promoted and permanent. In this time period you have to complete at least 2 projects.
  3. You’ve to work from home.
  4. After your application, shortlisted applicants will be mailed for Interview or next procedures.

Basic Requirements:

  1. Need to have the skill of good presentation and accent.
  1. Need to have a smartphone with a good camera quality to record videos or any digital camera.
  2. Need to understand audience demands.
  3. Have to maintain deadlines.
  4. Need to have the mentality to take live sessions through Seed to BIG’s social media platforms.
  5. College Going and University Going Students will be prioritised.


  1. Have to submit videos on course and topic based on a deadline which will be published in Seed to BIG’s social media platforms with your credit.
  2. Have to conduct live sessions on Seed to BIG’s social media platforms or conduct workshops.
  3. Share short contents based on topics.


  1. Under direct supervision of the Head of Content, you’ll get the chance to learn new skills and improve your various skills.
  2. You’ll get the chance to improve your local & Global Networks.
  3. You’ll be verified as a member of Seed to BIG by the website.
  4. You’ll get an opportunity to publish your bio/content in the magazine or website.
  5. You’ll get free passes of big discounts in Seed to BIG’s fests, events, workshops and paid programs.
  6. After working for 2 month, if your work is satisfactory to them, they will get an Online Id card from Seed to BIG.
  7. You’ll get a chance to experiment new things (after discussion with the supervisor).
  8. You’ll get an experience Certificate and after working at least 6 months and completing 2 projects which will boost up your career.
  9. You’ll get a crest for being one of the Best Performers after working at least 6 months and completing 2 projects
  10. There is an opportunity to earn commissions on specific tasks.
  11. You’ll be directly promoted by Seed to BIG’s social media on every video.
  12. There’ll be opportunities to work in Seed to BIG’s other teams.
  13. There is an opportunity to earn commissions on specific tasks.

Application Form Link: https://forms.gle/Ka4xLxwA823peBGh8

Event Link: https://facebook.com/events/s/skill-development-instructor-r/536123914311778/

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