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Saham’s mobile graphics design adapts to professional designers






After passing the primary level, slowly a lot of interest in mobiles started working. I liked writing on mobile from the beginning, suddenly I started writing two or four lines on Microsoft Word app. Then while exploring new tools, a great love for design started working. After passing 9th standard, I opened an account on social media and dabbled in design and unknowingly made it my passion. Apart from this, photography with mobile is very good. I’ve done a lot of photography so far. These are the words of talented graphic designer Jihadul Islam Saham who has just passed SSC. Currently he’s working as Head of Graphics Design in Newspaper Olympiad. NNO News interviewed him about this journey.

Photo: Jihadul Islam Saham, Head of Graphics Design at Newspaper Olympiad

First of all, wanna know how was the journey of becoming a graphic designer? In response to such a question, Saham said, “Becoming a graphic designer was not easy for me. The journey started from class 9, from 2020. When the whole world came to a standstill due to covid-19, everyone turned to online. Then I came to know various educational platforms online. Among them were 10 minute school, Shikho and all kinds of Olympiad based organizations. And different content was seen on these platforms. What a beautiful copy and design each content! Suddenly I thought too, I’ll make such content.

I went to the play store and searched for a few apps, among which the Pixellab app was at the top. Designs journey started with this Pixellab. First I tried with the quiz. I had no idea about the design. Slowly I used to upload these quizzes and content on different platforms. From there I joined a platform called ‘Find to Learn’ as a graphic designer. Then his own designing sense started to increase with their various feedbacks. I started exploring every tool in Pixellab. Now I can design like Photoshop with this app. Honestly, a lot of beautiful designs are possible with Pixellab.”

Photo: Jihadul Islam Saham

Saham has worked as a graphics designer for 6 platforms so far and continues to do so. He started by joining the ‘Find to Learn’ platform as a Design Executive. Later he worked as a graphic design executive on platforms like Skill Development Olympiad, General Knowledge Olympiad, Crossroads Initiative. Then he joined the ‘Filer Education’ platform as Head of Graphics Design. He’s currently working as Head of Design at Newspaper Olympiad.

Do you want to focus on something other than graphics design? In response to such a question, Saham said, “Apart from graphics design, I want to work in content writing, programming and animation in the future.”

Photo: Jihadul Islam Saham

Most of Saham’s designs are made for edtech platforms. Because as a young graphic designer he wants to work with the biggest edtech platforms in Bangladesh. Among them are 10 Minute School and Shikho. Saham also wants to work on any platform if given an opportunity.

What kind of support have you received from friends throughout the journey and what profession do you want to see yourself in the future? “In the beginning of this whole journey, my cousin Fardin Tahrim gave me a lot of support. Then after knowing my parents, they also gave me support. Besides, no one in my friends circle was familiar with the online, so I didn’t get their support. But now I’m getting a lot of support from my friends. And as a profession, I want to go to any one of doctor or engineer. Meanwhile, I will keep engineering. First of all, I want to establish myself as an honest and ideal person.” Saham said.

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