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Renowned physics teacher Maksudul Hossain Jewel to join INTEL






Maksudul Hossain Jewel, the well-known physics teacher of Bangladeshi online education platform OnnoRokom Pathshala, has got an offer from world’s one of the best tech giant companies Intel. He is going to join the American multinational corporation and technology company as a Compact Modeling Engineer.

Maksudul was a student of Motijheel High School Dhaka. And then he completed his HSC from Notre Dame College. After that, he cleared out Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology’s (BUET) entrance exam with 5th merit position and got admitted to the department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering. He served as a physics teacher in an admission coaching center for quite a few years and got recognized as one of the best physics teachers. Afterwards, he went to the University of Arkansas to pursue his higher studies. Students from different parts of the country are expressing their pleasure from the news of their favorite idol and physics teacher’s new journey.

Maksudul wrote on his social media thanking everyone involved in his hiring process for giving him this opportunity. He also expressed special thanks to his professor Alan Mantooth, the supervisor under whose leadership Maksudur had worked during his Ph.D. The physics idol is equally thrilled as his students to explore where this new chapter of his career will take him.

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