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Quickly presents “Protagonist” – an Idea Base Intra Business Case Competition






Army IBA Production & Operation Management Club (Army IBA POC) has always focused on enriching the student’s proficiency and increasing productivity. With the motto- Ideation for a bigger vision, from 5th August to 29th August 2022 Army IBA POC has organized “Quickly presents Protagonist powered by CVDao”.

“Protagonist” is an ideation-based business case solving competition with three rounds￾Threefold Repetition, Dead Draw and Checkmate designed for the students of Army IBA. Participants could participate forming a team of two/three or single. The prizepool for this intra event was 10,000 also there was opportunities like free getting free courses, membership card, certificates with exciting gifts and also internship opportunity for the participants and winners to encourage the students.

The competition was held among 47 teams and every team was assigned with a mentor since most of the participants were freshers. Participants had to go through problem solving, slide presentation, pitch video and idea presentation. After the elimination
procedure in every round there were six teams who competed for the finals. The finalist teams were Crescendo, Army MNDC, Army Bees, The Ratels, Beginners and Corporate Lads. The finals was held on 27 August, 2022 and after almost thirty days of competing against 46 teams, “Team Ratels” became the Champion of this remarkable
event. The team members were- Samsuddoha Chisty, Aritree Gayen and Shadman Sumon Akash.

“Team Army Bees” with the members Apnan Sakib, Shafiur Rahman
Jaka, and Tazrian Rahaman and “Team Beginners” with the members Zarif Shahriar Niloy, Murtoza Shahriar and Salma Jahan Brishty respectively became the First and Second Runners-up.

The event was ended with Prize Giving Ceremony on 20 October, 2022 at Army IBA Auditirium. The event was beautifully completed with the contribution of the event partners – NNONews, Boipathok, Esolumate, Generation Z and Smartifier Academy.

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