Plastic Waste Is The Biggest Threat To Marine & Aquatic Life

8 June 2021, In Kuakata, Shouharda Youth Foundation Organized an “Youth Talk” seminar on “Plastic Waste Is The Biggest Threat To Marine & Aquatic Life In Our Lifetimes’’.1

The honorable founder of Shouharda Youth Foundation, Barrister Junayed Hasib, Senior Researcher of Cambridge Epigenetics, Dr. Mamunur Rashid and Mayor of Kuakata Town-Council, Anwar Hawlader, attended this seminar virtually.

Besides, Sagorika Smriti, Research Associates of World Fish Bangladesh and many local youth activists, Counsellor also participated in this constructive youth talk session.

Here, they were talking about many issues that affect Kuakata. They claimed, one of the most vital problems is plastic waste. Then how do we sort out? This question also arose.

From their thoughts, it’s clear that Kuakata needs an efficient strategic waste management process to ensure sustainability in tourism and other livelihood aspects.

Shouhardo Youth Foundation is committed to providing a cost-efficient solution for this unbearable problem. Hope that they start working on it as soon as possible.