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NSUCC Organizes The Fifth Edition of ‘WordShop’






On the 25th of August, 2022, North South University Communications Club (NSUCC) organized the 5th edition of their annual event, ‘WordShop’. This year, the title sponsor of Wordshop 5.0 was Optimal Technology Private Limited.

Wordshop is one of the annual events of NSUCC where the club organizes sessions with professionals who give students an insight into how they can build a career from their passions. They take the time to impart their knowledge to young brains so that they can learn from them how to emulate these industry leaders.

The objective behind these events is to fill in the bridge between experts from the industry who excel in their specified fields, and the students of NSU. Through this, the students can visualize what it is really like in the professional world and learn how to navigate the tough lives that come with the success. Most importantly, students can also learn how they too can turn their passions into careers.

The topic of interest in Wordshop is always a hobby or passion. As such, this iteration was about content creation. Content creators, Sadman Sadik of 10 Minute School, Enayet Chowdhury, lecturer of BUET and also a multimedia content creator, and Jubaer Talukder, Co-Founder & Director at Monochrome Limited conducted the session.

More than 300 enthusiastic attendees were present throughout the event, filling the venue to its maximum capacity. The interactive session between the guests and the students was incredibly energetic, making the ambience even livelier.

The guest speakers each shared their valuable knowledge on the different aspects of the content-creating industry. Sadman Sadik spoke about the untapped sectors of content creation in Bangladesh. Enayet Chowdhury shared his experienced insights on controversies and what makes something a social media controversy. Jubaer Talukder spoke about technological advancements that have made visual content creation open to a wider audience.

Additionally, the guests were truly generous with their abundance of suggestions and comments on how to create better content. From content for Facebook to content for podcasts, they made sure to cover all branches one could think of. The programme undoubtedly provided valuable insights and methods to all aspiring content makers in attendance. “Hobbies and work, must be kept separate,” is a common refrain heard from people.

The North South University Communications Club holds a different opinion. ‘Wordshops’ like this inspire individuals and teach them a variety of methods in which they may successfully blend their careers with their passions.

Mr. Md. Jaynul Hasan, CEO of Optimal Technology Private Limited, attended the event. He praised the organizers for this magnificent arrangement. North South University Communications Club is ecstatic to be able to hold such an engaging event on ‘content creation,’ and they hope to achieve greater success in their future endeavours.

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