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Notre Dame English Club organized six National English Carnivals on the trot






“Whole universe in one soul, Learn English to reach the goal” is not just a ceremonial tagline for Notre Dame English Club, rather it is a sacred vow enshrined in the very core of the organization.

With that goal in mind, Notre Dame English Club organized six National English Carnivals on the trot. The carnivals were a great avenue for students from all over the country to develop and showcase their English linguistic skills on the grandest stage of them all.

After a 2-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NDEC is finally back with the 7th edition of its flagship event “Southeast Bank Ltd. presents 7th National English Carnival”. And it promises to be their grandest, most exhilarating carnival ever. The official tagline for the 7th NEC is “Sparkle among the Finest”. This year, NDEC has arranged 15 unique events for the students spanning 3 different categories. Over 2000 participants have registered for the events across the school, college, and university.

One of the most anticipated segments is the NEC’s signature Mega Quiz. Reputed quiz teams have assembled in the past editions of NEC to claim the honor of being Mega Quiz champions. And, this year is no different. The stage finale event is sure to be one for the ages. Parody News Reading is another event everyone is keen on witnessing. Participants of the segment will need to channel their inner John Oliver to deliver piercing dissections with classy wit.

Apart from this, there are many other exciting individual and team segments such as Instant Story Writing, Spell Master, Pop Quiz, Turn Coat, Wordplay, and so on.

The 3-day extravaganza will come to an end with a glamorous ending ceremony on the 24th of September. The ceremony will be chaired by Golam Dastagir Gazi, the honorable Minister of Textile and Jute of Bangladesh. The principal of Notre Dame College, Dr. Fr. Hemanto Pius Rozario CSC, will also be present during the ceremony as the convenor. It is sure to be a night with sparks and joy for all the participants.

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