Nas Daily followers drop after defending Israeli Oppression

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An Israeli-Palestinian video creator, known as “Nas Daily”, is experiencing a drop in his following which is now dropped to 20 million from 38 million. While giving views about Israeli insurgencies into Palestine, he tried to defend the oppression by naming it a conflict in his latest Facebook post.

This created a solid campaign against him on Social Media. Muslims urged each other to dislike his page, as Nas Daily is built by the Muslim community.

Nas Daily is a famous vlogger who makes videos from all around the world. He gained billions of views and millions in his following. Nuseir Yassin has not ever been seen condemning Israeli oppression. He urged his followers to be friends rather than going for a conflict.

Currently, the ceasefire agreement has been made between Israel and Palestine. But a few hours after Israel agreed on a ceasefire, they attacked the Al Aqsa compound. As a result, more than 20 worshipers got hurt after the Friday prayers. This is not the first time he has come to the media attention for a negative thing, he has been under fire for his statements before.

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