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Marcel presents TeenPreneur accelerating your potential Season 1






TeenPreneur is featuring its signature event ‘Marcel presents TeenPreneur accelerating your potential Season 1’ . The Biggest National Career Carnival and Entrepreneurship Summit, aimed to create a career ecosystem along with an entrepreneurship culture for the youth of the country.
This initiative of TeenPreneur will promote the empowerment and employment of Bangladeshi youth with the help of its distinct segments. The motto of this Carnival is to guide, motivate and prepare you, so that you can chase your dreams and passions and have a successful career.
Everyone from teenagers to job-seekers can participate in this event. The first season is conducted online and is absolutely free for everyone.

•Webinars and Seminars

Extensive seminars will be held to provide career strategies for entrepreneurship, corporate skills, innovation, professional and personal development and much more. Prominent corporate leaders will be the keynote speakers in these webinars and seminars.

•Talk Show

Numerous social media lives will be conducted with media icons, influencers,corporate leaders and other known figures to motivate youth to pursue their dreams.


Two professional masterclasses will be conducted that will cater to the specific needs and demands of the participants of our carnival.


There will be several virtual workshops hosted by professionals from different fields. These workshops will focus on several professional skills like – CV writing, formal email writing etc. The virtual workshops will be held in Google meet or Zoom with only registered participants.

•Magazine and Guidebook

This will be provided to every participant and will be a compendium of the strategies, guidelines and advices provided by our guest speakers, professional counselors, and corporate personnel.


This is the final segment in which questions about different career aspects will be asked to people in the form of quizzes.  People religiously attending the masterclasses and seminars will be able to answer most of the questions. Awards will be given to the best performers.

•Awards and  Certificates

10 best performers will be selected and will be rewarded according to the following categories.
1) Beginner or Primary-  {Class 6-8}

2) Junior-{Class 9-12}

3)Senior- University level and above 

They will be awarded certificates, gift hampers, and crests. Furthermore, they will have a permanent seat at offline closing ceremony (It will mark the end of season 1 and the award ceremony will be hosted there too). They will also be eligible for personal corporate grooming, and will receive passes to corporate houses.
You can keep an eye on their event page to stay updated. 
Registration link:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSef7kbzP7X6DEVB2FKVpuqR0xuB_tp6LO7pKOpZf6RXSCtQGA/viewform?usp=send_form

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