Jocelyn Bell Astronomy Workshop for Women

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Astronomy is one of the hottest topics in the dreamy world of passionate talented people. Almost everyone dreams of being an astronomer or astronaut at an early age. Some desire to become a researcher in the astronomy field. They want to explore the motion of planets and stars and make a contribution to the ongoing research of the transition of the universe. Also, some are interested in black holes which are outstanding objects of spectacular space. From the perspective of our women, they face several difficulties pursuing this. To avail themselves of all the opportunities, they need to have all the support they need. It is also true for all the women researchers and astronomers who are continuously making them proud in the current time. Jocelyn bell is a renowned astrophysicist who first invented the radio pulsar. To celebrate ‘International Day of Women and Girls in Science’ BRAC will arrange a workshop for the female students which will spread the knowledge of various researchers and astronomers among them. Along with Bangladesh Astronomy Research Collaboration, BRAC will show their respect to these fabulous scientists in this field by organizing this workshop. Any female student from class six to honours first year are welcome to participate in this program. They will be able to get a huge opportunity to learn from astronomers and researchers directly from around the world. It will broaden their knowledge about the future planning of pursuing this type of research in future. These students also will learn various hot topics from the speakers.  

Registration time: until 26 February 

Registration link:…/jocelyn-bell-astronomy-workshop…/ 

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