James coming back after a decade with his new song

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After about a decade, Faruq Mahfuz Alam (James), the country’s one of the most prominent musicians, is all set to release his new song. The song is scheduled to be released on the night before Eid ul-Fitr, 2022. A kind of inexplicable excitement has been prevailing among the fans since the rockstar made the announcement with regard to the new song from his official Facebook page.

James, widely known as Nagarbaul James, released his last song about 12 years ago. On account of the long hiatus, the fans almost gave up their hope of getting any further song from him. But finally he found the perfect ambience to release his new song.

The most awaiting song truck presented by Bashundhara Spice will be released from the Bashundhara Digital’s YouTube channel. Meanwhile the recording and video of the song is ready to be out.

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