Earth’s Ants Festo Mania Season-1 is coming to make an attractive appearance on the 12th,13th, and 14th of January,2023.

One of the Biggest & Atypical Online Festival, Earth’s Ants Festo Mania Season-1’s Official Club Collaborators are Rajuk College Earth & Nature Club(RCENC) AND Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College Eco Club(BNMPCEC). There is also a helping hand from the Creative Partner ~ Random’s Crate –ESG, Gift Partner ~BoiBook, Media Partner ~ NNO NEWS & IT Collaborator ~ which is mindblowing. Moreover, Our Campus Ambassadors for this event are hardworking. What should I tell about my Earth’s Ants Team!! This event’s success goes to them. Earth’s Team believes in that fact, “Work Hard in Silence & Let Success make the noise”.

Sooner or later, We will have to recognize that the Earth has the right, too, to live without pollution. What mankind must know is that human beings cannot live without Mother Earth, but the planet can live without humans ~ Evo Morales.

Our Organization’s motto is “THINK, LIVE AND WORK LIKE ANTS”.

Earth’s Ants Team believes in the fact that A Festival should be open for all. So, Our Earth’s Ants Team has decided that there will be no kind of entry fees for anyone. Moreover, As this gala of Earth’s Ants is occurring for the first time, There will be no kinds of registration fees for any segments for the selected category(8-12 including HSC-22).


Our this Carnival is working out on SDG-13, Climate Change!! Earth’s Ants has organized 7 Olympiads(ASTRONOMY, ECOLOGY, OCEANOGRAPHY, PLANT PHYSIOLOGY, CLIMATE SCIENCE, BIOTECHNOLOGY, ENERGY CONSERVATION) & Photography contest, Article Writing, Extempore Speech, and Multimedia Presentation. In total,11 Segments, are being held on online.

Photography, Article Writing & Extempore Speech submission has already started from 2 January 2023.

Earth’s Ants Festo Mania Season-1 is also for increasing excellency in ENGLISH.