In-person classes at secondary-level to start in full force

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Full swing in-person classes at all secondary-level schools throughout the country is going to begin from 15 March (Tuesday) since the infection rate and death rate of the deadly COVID-19 disease has recently decreased.

Today on 12th March, Education Minister Dr Dipu Moni declared about in-person classes at all secondary-level at an event held in Capital. She remarked that since the COVID situation is not that acute like before in Bangladesh, both students who are vaccinated and who are not vaccinated will be allowed to attend their physical classes at their respective educational institutions.

According to the authorities, students aged 12 and above who have been vaccinated with the second dose are told to attend the in-person classes. But students aged 12 or above who have been vaccinated with only the first dose will attend online classes.

Amidst the intensity of COIVID situation in Bangladesh it was almost improbable to resume physical classes for a long period of time. After a long hiatus, educational institutions of secondary, higher secondary and university-level were reopened on 22 February. Besides, Primary schools in Bangladesh resumed their physical classes on 2nd March.

Earlier this year, the government had declared to shutdown all the educational institutions due to the fear over the spread of then newly detected omicron variant of Covid-19 and it’s possible consequences. Since the virus continued to be transmitted drastically, later the closure was expanded to February 20 considering the safety of the students.

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