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First use of base-edited cells cured Alyssa’s incurable leukaemia






Alyssa, the first person to receive the breakthrough CRISPR technology, has defeated her terminal cancer.

Teenager Alyssa, 13, is from Leicester, England. In May 2021, she received a T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia diagnosis. Chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant were among the typical cancer therapies she had. But the cancer returned and started to spread uncontrollably.

At the Great Ormond Street Hospital, Alyssa was undergoing several treatments. After that, a dose of immune-modifying T-cells from a donor was given to her. In Alyssa’s body, the T-cells were altered to target malignant cells. The University College London team at Great Ormond Street Hospital further aimed to avoid the significant expense of this therapy procedure.

One of the medical professionals involved in Alyssa’s care, Robert Chiesa, claims that the outcome is still in the preliminary stage and needs to be monitored and then verified over the course of the coming several months.

The CRISPR gene-editing protein was tweaked by Waseem Qasim and his colleagues at the University College London Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health such that it can convert one DNA letter to another rather than severing the DNA. It was only six years ago that this Base editing method was developed. And Alyssa is the first person to whom the therapy method has been applied.

Waseem Qasim along with his teammates at the University College London Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health used a modified form of the CRISPR gene-editing protein that changes one DNA letter to another instead of cutting the DNA. This Base editing process was invented only six years ago. And the treatment process has never been applied to anyone before Alyssa.


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