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BRACU to launch first ever human centered designe program in Bangladesh






The School of Architecture and Design of BRAC University is going to launch the Certificate and Advanced Certificate in Human Centered Design programs which is the first of their kind offered by a Bangladeshi university.

Human-Centered Design is a problem-solving approach which considers the human point of view throughout the process of designing. Although Human-Centered Design have been used in the operations of several agencies, institutions, NGOs, and INGOs in Bangladesh, yet there is no formal education in this discipline here.

The graduate level program is divided into two levels. Students who will complete the first part will be eligible for a Certificate in Human Centered Design (6 months), and students that will continue for their independent research project and portfolio will be eligible for an Advanced Certificate (9 months). The program will help students to enhance their knowledge and expertise in design thinking, user-centered design and user experience.

A few qualified User Experience and Human Centered designers have helped to design the curriculum. Besides, Facebook’s UX Research Lead Dr. Carolyn Wei have reviewed it. It is expected that the school’s human centric architecture program is going to keep an effective contribution.

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