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Bangladesh secured 10th position in 29th International Mathematics Competition






Recently a five-member team from Bangladesh has ranked 10th position in 29th edition of International Mathematical Competition (IMC) 2022 held in Bulgaria. Around 700 students from 50 different countries participated in the competition on both virtual and offline platforms this year. The participants are university graduate students under the age of 23.

The competition started on 1st August and went on till August 7th. The competition was organized by University College London Science in collaboration with the American University in Bulgaria this year. And the total score of team Bangladesh in the competition is 197.8. Among the team members Atanu Roy Chowdhury from the Mathematics & Physics Department of BRACU scored 48, Sabbir Rahman from Computer Science & Engineering, BUET scored 57; Mehedi Hasan Nowshad from Mathematics Department of University of Dhaka scored 48; and Zubayer Rahman and Md Hasan Kibria from the mathematics department, University of Dhaka scored 40 and 31 respectively. Under individual assessments, Atanu, Sabbir, Mehedi, and Zubayer won a ‘first prize’ while Kibria won a ‘second prize’.

Team Bangladesh virtually took part in the competition from DhakabU’s mathematics department under the supervision of the Bangladesh Mathematical Society(BMS). Assistant professor of the department, Md Shariful Islam mentored the team. Prof Dr. Md Shahidul Islam, president of the Bangladesh Mathematical Society and chairman of the department, was the team’s coordinator.

The International Mathematics Competition is designed for students completing their first, second, third, or fourth year of university education with a maximum age limit of 23 years. There is no minimum age limit. Problems of this competition basically come from the fields of Algebra, Analysis (Real and Complex), Geometry, and Combinatorics. The working language for the competition is English. The 1st International Mathematics Competition was held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 1994.

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