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Bangladesh plans to schedule the SSC and HSC exam in the last two months of the year






Minister of Education Dipu Moni has announced that the Secondary School Certificate or SSC will be held in the second week of November, and the Higher Secondary Certificate or HSC will be held in the first week of December, if the pandemic situation improves.

The minister discussed the government’s plans for the examinations in a virtual press conference on Wednesday.The exam will be held following necessary health protocols and on a reduced syllabus. In addition, the SSC students will have 24 assignments and the HSC, 30. If the pandemic situation isn’t favourable, the ministry will consider grading SSC and HSC students on the basis of their assignment scores and previous public examination results.

Dipu Moni said forms for the exams would be available after Eid-ul-Azha.

“Our vaccination campaign is ongoing.In addition, the country saw a dip in infections around November and December of last year. Based on that, we hope the number of cases will fall again around that time this year,” she added when asked about the possibility of the examinations actually taking place. 

However, it is not confirmed that the pandemic situation will improve in Bangladesh.The country reported more than 1,000 deaths in just the past five days.

Last year, SSC examinations were complete before the pandemic, but HSC were cancelled. Students were promoted without exams on the basis of their JSC and SSC results.Government officials are hesitant to do the same this year.

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