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Bangladesh obtained a milestone of winning 6 medals in International Medicine and Disease Olympiad






After achieving momentous success in the International Mathematics, Physics & Biology Olympiad, Bangladesh has made another significant record in the IMDO – International Medicine and Disease Olympiad. This year, a team from Bangladesh has made a history of obtaining a gold, three silver, and two bronze in the International Medicine and Disease Olympiad.

Among the winners, Sanjida Nusrat Ananna, an A-level candidate from Dhaka, won a Gold medal. She scored 118 out of 150 in the 2022 IMDO. Besides, Md. Shafin Jubayer from Adamjee Cantonment College, Naimul Islam, and Talha Zubair from the capital’s Notre Dame College achieved silver medals for their excellent performances. And the two bronze winners are Jubayer Ahmed, an A-level examinee from Chittagong, and Minhaz Uddin Sayeed, a student of Comilla Government College. In addition, among the team members, Tabia Tahsin got the representative title.

The International Medicine and Disease Olympiad (IMDO), one of the most renowned global level Science Olympiads, is an international biological competition for pre-university students under the age of 20. It examines the participant’s expertise in answering questions from medicine-based sectors of biology which include molecular and cell biology, human physiology, and human diseases.

At first enthusiast students from all across the world had to partake in the United States Medicine & Disease Olympiad (USMDO) 2022 before being allowed to form a team for IMDO. The teams from countries all over the world were formed basically on the basis of the scores attained in the USMDO which was a two hours long online multiple choice exam that covered the following topics: cell biology and genetics, human physiology, and human disease. Every year the USMOD competition usually takes place in late June in order to shortlist the participants for the IMDO, which is usually held in late July.

This year, in late July, team Bangladesh competed in 3 hours long problem-solving competition of IMDO. After beating the students from the USA, China, Hong Kong, UAE, Turkey, Japan, India, and many more, they conquered the epoch-making success.

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